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Indrani Bose

Slow Ageing Oil

Soon to be 46 years old and I am pretty particular about my skin care since I turned 30! I have been hooked to a french product for over 20 years and tried Uurjaa for a change as wanted to try Indian natural products as it’s our legacy of having best skin care in the world . Am so glad I tried as my skin thanks me for Kumkumadi oil from Uurja and my anti ageing oil. I wake up with supple skin and no dryness or extra oily T zone. Just the right balance for what my skin needs is what Uurja oils provide for my glowing skin

Gowri Sai Yoga Therapist

Hydration Oil

I have been using the hydration oil for a couple of weeks now and with all the insane weather changes in Bangalore, my skin acting up because of that - this oil has really helped my skin stay balanced with moisture, breakouts and hydration. Highly recommend the product. Has the best of the natural ingredients that your skin loves

Tejaswini Founder - FitnCalm

Under Eye Care

Hello, I’m mom of eight month old and since eight months as I don’t have proper sleep at night I developed dark circles! And I usually don’t like to use any chemical products on my skin. I was happy to come across Uurja naturals under eye care oil, seeing the ingredients which only mentioned Ayurvedic oil.. I wanted to try! I was amazed to see the results in just 10days. My dark circles lightened to great extent plus oil has a cooling effect which helps to sleep better. It is not oily on skin and has soothing aroma. I totally love the product. !!

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