Why Choose a Cork Mat ?

Cork is a sustainable material. When blended with rubber with the right quality and process it turns into a highly durable layer which is ideal for yoga practice. These mats are natural and grounding for yoga practice.

Why UURJA Cork Mat ?

Unlike 3 mm cork sheets, which provide no cushion for the joints or support a fall. The UURJA Mat At 6mm thick with a cushion anti-slip base. The yoga mats provide the perfect stability for your asanas, no matter how challenging they may be. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or just starting out on your yoga journey, our cork mats are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, durable yoga mat that will last for years to come.

Got Proof of Grip ?

We promise! you will only fall in love with this mat! The textured surface of natural cork provides the required friction needed on the palms. The grip get even better when you sweat.

Don’t believe us ? 

What About the Durability ?

The UURJA Mat is made using virgin cork and not recycled cork form wine stoppers. We use Portuguese cork and natural rubber sap to make a highly durable, non tear, easy to dry and naturally anti-microbial yoga mat and not a cork sheet.

Does It Tear ?

NOT At All ! the UURJA mat is highly durable unlike 3 mm cork sheets that crack or tear when folded or applied light force.

More Details Please!

The UURJA mat prices listed are all inclusive of GST and Free Delivery to your home. (3-5 Days) Package contains 1 yoga mat + 1 May sling and Loves of Love from Goa..